The advantages and disadvantages of wooden houses

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Wooden houses, also known as “the american”, “the canadian” houses, or in another language Ecokit France maison en bois are known to be in vogue in our century. However, the debate between which is better — the ones made of wood or the ones made of brick — is still in discussion.

Looking at the big picture, wooden houses, also called Ecokit France maison en bois are much cheaper, sometimes half the price of brick homes, but their maintenance needs more attention.

Evidently, brick houses are more durable and fire resistant, but living in one will prove to be hard, for the winters are colder and the summers are hotter, in contrast with living in a wooden house. Wooden houses are less dangerous to live in when it comes to earthquakes, but brick houses are not attacked by ants and other bugs. Surely, the list can go on and on.

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The benefits of living in a wooden house are many and plenty believe they surpass their shortcomings. First of all, wooden houses are cheaper by roughly 30-40% than brick ones, for the construction materials used are less expensive. Also, the fact that they can be prefabricated plays a role in lowering the price. Another advantage is that they are easily executed in record time. In one month, maximum three, the house can be at your disposal.

What makes such a house advantageous in the winter and summer is the great thermal insulation they provide. Compared with brick houses, wooden houses have proved to lose 30-40% less heat during the winter. Needless to say, northern people prefer this technology, proving their resistance to very low temperatures.

Last but not least, the interior space of a wooden house can be very easily divided and modified. Because they are rather light, they don’t need too many props, which makes it easy to shape them. These houses don’t need a strong type of terrain; they can be built on sandy land, for example. Furthermore, the cables and pipline utilities can be hidden in the prefabricated walls, since their trajectory is already known from the project.

There are many more benefits, but let’s take a look at their micomings too. In truth, wooden houses “live less” than brick houses; their longevity has been calculated to be 20-30% shorter. Another minus would be that they aren’t exactly soundproof. For people who value their privacy very much, it may not be the best choice.

Also the maintenance, as aforementioned, is usually meticulous and costly. Approximately every five years, the house must be checked and necessary reparations must be made. Besides this, the house must be treated for insects, these things being among the most important requirements.

For those looking to buy a villa, know that wooden houses usually can’t have more than two stories. Those that have more than that or are rather tall are not stable enough. All in all, people who live in wooden homes don’t complain much. Moreover, they say that it is healthier, as wood is a natural material which is known to “breathe”.

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