The meaning of making love in a dream

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Making love in a dream reflect the desire to rebalance your love life or the integration of some contrasts from your life.

If you dream you make love, than maybe in your real life you may have a great desire or urgency to amalgamate some contrary aspects of your nature, the need to relate to a person in the most intimate and complete manner, balancing all the aspects, currently you’re not fully satisfied with your new marriage or relationship, something is missing in your life, try to make yourself close to someone.

Making love in a dream reflects the possibility of obtaining an advantage in the near future, you’ll use somebody or you’ll get some benefits through someone, or change an unfavorable situation to your advantage; vivid imagination, a tendency to get in touch with a person you really like, harmonious agreement made with someone else.

If you dream you’re making love, then it’s a sign that you need to be more receptive to what people are telling you, you have to assimilate something; you lose sight of the fact that only harmony can bring you the state you desire; conflict situations are going nowhere if they’re not materialized into a full understanding; perhaps in fact you’re really getting through lack of affection or your sexual side was put on hold for too long; you have to revive this side.

If you dream about making love to someone in particular, in reality you might need to reach a full understanding with that person; you need a harmonious relationship.

If you dream about making love in a certain place, that symbolizes a specific state or reminds you of something, might be a direct connection with that place. If you make love in a public place, some secrets about your intimate life might come to light or you need to externalize your discontent, so that you can receive help.

If you dream about making love with someone other than your partner, this could illustrate innocent fantasies, you secretly cherish diversifying your pleasures, you’re thinking about making your life a little more colourful.

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The dream of making love to your boss might signify a desire of control and authority, you tend to impose yourself to someone or you’ll shortly need to adopt a firmer stance in a relationship or in a special circumstance; you feel full of energy and power; if you make love to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, then you’re afraid to anchor yourself for too long in a new relationship or you’re afraid to get involved in any way with another person in a lasting romantic relationship; in other cases, it may express the need of getting close to someone, you need a relationship based on trust and respect.

The dream of making love denotes the need to express yourself freely, the need of letting the feelings or bodily needs to unfold harmoniously and without obstacles; there’s a special attraction between you and another person, but you’re afraid to acknowledge it openly.

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